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San Jose, CA. 95123
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 Seeking position as a software developer for client or server side

Technical Summary:
Operating Systems: Windows NT, 2K, XP, PalmOS, Linux.
        Languages: C, C++.
        Microsoft: Visual C++, MFC, MS SQL, Exchange, MAPI, ODBC, ATL, 
                   VB, Win32.
              Web: IIS/ISAPI, ASP, HTML, Apache, PHP, Java Script.
        Protocols: SMTP, POP3, HTTP, XML, DOM, SAX, SNMP, TCP-IP.
            Other: Perl, Shell, Java, PHP, Linux, FreeBSD, Postfix, 
                   PostgreSQL, MySQL, SpamAssassin, Courier, Maildrop, 

- Very extensive experience in integration, debugging, design, analysis, and 
- Worked directly with customers to support, resolve issues and improve 
- Handled all aspects of development life cycle including architectural design, 
  evaluation of third party solutions, feasibility studies, scheduling, 
  release, documentation, and support. Object Oriented design and analysis on 
  Win-tel platforms. 
- Over ten years experience with track record of delivering quality software on 

Experience Detail:

Mailshell, Santa Clara, Ca 	12-2006 to 10-2007 
 Develop software for anti spam Email SDK and tools. Enhance existing code
  base, develop new code, seek out and fix bugs, testing other developers code,
  and writing automated regression tests.

 Back-end rbldnsd server modifications to perform detailed live network lookups
  based on A and NS records of domains being queried by clients.

 Analyze volumes of Email for identifiable trends. Propose unique, inventive
  new ways of distinguishing spam from ham Email. Develop ideas from
  specification through release.

 Develop automation tools for collection, analysis and publishing of spam
  statistical trend data.

 Technologies used:
  C++, sendmail Email  milter, MySQL, Apache, Perl, Shell, PHP, Linux, SMTP,
  and many more.

Group1 Internet, San Jose, Ca 	8-2003 to 11-2006 
 Design and architect Email / Groupware appliance for small to medium sized
  organizations based on FreeBSD and open source solutions. Concept,
  architecture, and configuration scripts. Customized open source code to add
  integration value and sound architecture.

 Advise and assist customers in Email migration and deployment, troubleshoot
  network and DNS issues. Technical sales, or SE, live remote demos and more.

 Develop value added software in C++ and Java for Email filtering appliance.
  Work directly with customers to diagnose problems, develop Spam blocking
  strategies, and provide technical guidance. 

 Technologies used:
  C++, Java, Perl, Shell script, LDAP, Postfix, MailScanner, Courier-IMAP,
  Apache, PHP, Perl, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SpamASsassin, Courier, Maildrop,
  eGroupWare, Mdaemon, SMTP, and many more.

Various short to mid term contract positions                    04/2001. 8/2003
 Focus on server side C++, web technologies, XML, Messaging systems, and many
  other API's, platforms, and technologies. Projects of note:

 CellBit - Developed server to interface with MS Exchange to
  deliver XML data to wireless handheld devices. Used C++ to accept requests
  via http, analyze request, query Exchange for the requested information using
  CDO/MAPI,  package the returned information in an XML document, and return
  the document in response to the requesting device.
 SentinelVision - Developed data acquisition and notification
  server for home/small business security system. Web application for user
  signup, and service options using C++, ASP and ISAPI.

Verano, Sunnyvale, CA                                         02/2000 . 04/2001
 Key contributor on B2B supply chain synchronization server based on HP's
  workflow process automation engine (ChangeEngine). Java used to abstract
  process deployment, initiation, and flow control. Automated deployment
  descriptor generation using JDOM XML parser and Java introspection 

 Developed J2EE application used for managing data collections.

 Technologies used:
  C++, Java, XML, JSP, Oracle Servlets, EJB, JavaBeans, image processing,

SphereLink Communications, San Jose, CA                       10/1996 . 02/2000
(Acquired by Conversational Computing, Redmond, WA             02/1999)
 A principal architect/developer for the Unified Messaging Server. Primary
  responsibility included multi-tiered web architecture, MS-SQL database
  abstraction/SDK layer, SMTP/POP3 SDK layers,
  and many other components and abstraction/SDK layers. ISAPI plugins, filters,
  and ASP used to develop administration and user interface for message (voice,
  fax, and email) retrieval, reply, etc.

 Proposed an alternative standards based architecture, which was adopted by
  management and implemented. Patent Pending.

 Technologies used:
  C++, ASP, ISAPI extensions/filters, MS-SQL, Java applets, JavaScript,
  VBScript, SMTP, POP3, MIME, CODECs, NNTP, Text To Speech,  NTMail server,
  telephony, JDBC, ODBC/SQL, COM/ATL and more.

NetManage, Cupertino, CA                                       2/1995 . 10/1996
 Developed desktop telephony application with DTMF navigation, voice mail,
  answering machine, caller ID filters etc. Wrappers written for ISDN, TCP/IP
  and TAPI for telephony communications media. SNMP automation and statistics
  profilers. Some VxD development, TAPI, Java and OLE technologies.

 Technologies used:
  C++, MS-Multimedia API's, ISDN, TAPI, Telephony, SNMP, VxD.

Peretta Development, Capitola, CA (CONTRACT)                    6/1994 . 1/1995
 Developed software for proprietary scanning device including OCR and training
  interfaces based on proprietary OCR algorithms. Applications include extensive
  help system and installation utilities.

Fuji Optical Systems Inc., Los Gatos, CA                        9/1985 . 5/1994
 Software Engineer
 Complete project responsibility from R&D through released medical/dental

 Video: Developed applications based on NTSC video frame grabbers and codecs.
  Developed software/hardware-based algorithms for real time motion detection
  and image stabilization. 

 MS-Windows: Developed medical and dental imaging database applications,
  including. image acquisition, display, compression, and manipulation.

 R&D: Evaluated and specified video acquisition and compression peripherals,
  speech recognizers, and third party software libraries.

 Mechanical Designer (1985 to 1989) - Fuji Optical Systems.
  Project responsibility of medical and dental mechanical design projects.

  PilotSQL - worlds first demonstratable port of SQLite to PalmOS 
   platform - 2003
  Judges Pick at CTI Expo Award for Unified Messaging System - 1999
  Authored numerous applications, libraries, and utilities marketed as
  Shareware including:
   AutoCAD text/attribute editor, featured in Cadence magazine "Best of
   Shareware" section, December - 1991.
  Developed algorithms for real-time NTSC video motion detection and image

 Independent studies of select subject matter                          On going
 Windows NT Device Driver Programming, U.C.S.C. Extension                  1996
 OLE2 Programming, U.C.S.C. Extension                                      1995
 Microsoft Windows 3.1 Programming Level II, U.C.S.C. Extension            1994
 Microsoft Windows 3.1 Programming, U.C.S.C Extension                      1993
 C++ Programming, West Valley College                                      1992
 Attended courses in C, LISP, Pascal, Basic at accelerated pace
        Institute for Business and Technology and W.V.C.              1989-1991
 Mechanical Design/Drafting Certificate, Institute for Business and
 Technology.                                                               1983