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Drag Tracker 1.0 - Demo
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Here we sit, like race fans across the country, watching our favorite past time on TV. Trying to keep track of who's on the bubble, and who's on the pole. Remember that 'All 4 second field last March?'... Where did they qualify, and how did eliminations shake out? How about all those upsets, and cool match-ups? Remember those? Of coarse not... Enter DragTracker v1.0


DragTracker v1.0 might just be the drag race fans handiest companion. Maintain team profile information including driver, competition class, chief mechanic, and team owner. Then use team profiles to set up an event profile for this week’s event. During qualifying, DragTrackers drag and drop interface allows you to quickly and easily track results for any competition class. Then, a nifty eliminations ladder allows you to advance teams through elimination rounds, and see at a glance what cool match-ups to expect in the next round. You can review or reference final eliminations results from each event and class you’ve tracked for the entire year, year after year. Add in a national-records screen for quick easy reference, and much more, and you've got DragTracker v1.0.


Eliminations – Once the qualifying is over, and you have pressed the Finalize button, the Eliminations screen arranges the data in a tree form according to qualify position. From here, you can advance drivers through the eliminations rounds for each class until the event is over. Do this by clicking on a cell and selecting Advance.

Qualifying – It’s Saturday, and time to start tracking results. Select the event, and the class, and the screen will populate with the teams selected from the Events screen. As qualifying progresses, you can drag and drop the teams from their current position into a new position to reflect their new position in the standings.

Events – Get ready for this weekends event. Here, you create new events, enter the date and location, check the classes of interest, and the drivers that will be participating

Teams – Set up team profiles including drivers name, which class the team competes in, the chief mechanic, and the team owner. Click on a cell in the table for an editable list of selections. The Hidden checkbox is discussed later. Add a team be pressing the + icon at the top of any of the main screens.

Demo - The demo version of DragTracker v1.0 is fully functional but after 30 days, a nag screen will start appearing. Purchase of a registration code will eliminate this nag screen.


Requirements - Palm OS 3.2 and higher. to purchase an unlock code.


Buy it Now! - $12.00 USD



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